How to choose a swimsuit when you are pregnant, knowing that for nine months, the belly of the mother is not going to stop round?

Swimsuit for pregnant women

Pregnancy swimsuit for pregnant women

If, as many pregnant women, you choose to spend time at the pool for swimming or take prenatal aerobics sessions, you will need a suitable swimsuit.

What kind of swimsuit during pregnancy?

The one-piece suit provides good support, shapely figure and protects the stomach from sunburn. Very comfortable for swimming, it can move without fear that the shirt does not move and does reveals a little too much!

The bikini showcases pretty round belly. It will choose a top providing good support to the chest, and avoid the straps that tie in the neck. For the low, low height is required in order not to be embarrassed at the belly.

If you are not very comfortable with your recent curves, you can cover up with accessories: pareo, small beach dress, loose tunic...

What swimsuit size for mothers?

If you choose a swimsuit pregnancy, you can rely on your usual size: these jerseys are resilient, they are suitable to monitor your curves.

You can also choose a swimsuit "normal". In this case it will take one or two size bigger than your usual size. The ideal is to opt for suitable models, such as the shirts that tie with string.

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