You want a pool with a tile covering? You can opt for the mosaic, which is a type of tile. These small tiles to be placed on the entire surface of the pool, or simply a pool of frieze.

Pool with mosaic coating, small tiles

A swimming pool with mosaic coating completely

Tiled pool with mosaic covering

Unlike ceramic tiles for pool mosaic tile is in the form of small tiles. They are simple to install and convenient if your pond contains a lot of angles. You can make a rounded effect when placing your mosaic.

Many colors are available. Choose different shades mosaic tiles for color gradients or to draw patterns in your pool.

The mosaic must be placed on a watertight structure, as a coating, and smooth. Moreover, a mosaic pool coating requires your terrain is perfectly stable. The tiles must not be subject to landslides (but regardless of the type of pool, you have a stable ground and a solid structure).

The types of mosaic pool

There are two types of mosaic tiles for swimming pool:

  • The pool enamels: there are many models with different "texture" effects.
  • The molten glass pool: less expensive than enamels, glass pasta plates are also available in varieties of colors.

The mosaic is more expensive than ceramic. For budget reasons, you can cover your ceramic tile basin, and install a mosaic pool frieze on the water line. This is not only an economic choice, but also very aesthetic!

Mosaic tiles allow you to customize your pool (shades of color, drawings, etc.).