The natural environment is one aspect to be considered for successful implementation of your pool. This is important: your comfort and the quality of your bathing depend.

Your pool and nature choose a favorable location

Your pool and nature: choose a favorable location

A sunny pool: bet everything on the presence of the sun

The sun: for the installation of a pool, it's certainly the first thing that comes to mind. A sunny pool promises very pleasant swimming.

Be aware of the areas where the sun spreading its rays in your garden, depending on the time of day and season. In principle, especially one bathes in the summer afternoon, but for you to see. Determine the shadows to avoid: foliage, houses... And if you want to install a solar heater next to your pool, set the sunniest location in order to install your panels.

From east to west, watch the sun traces its path in the sky, and you will have a good idea of ​​the layout of your pool. The ideal is that a large part of your garden or sunny able to consider other location criteria.

Prevailing winds: find the right direction

You found the sunny place where your pool could be built. The surface of the water will be heated by the sun, but... if there is too much wind and too much evaporation. The wind cools the water and bathers. It is not pleasant. It is better that the pool is sheltered from the wind. You can design your garden with a hedge on a length of the pool for example.

Wind can also reduce the effectiveness of filtration. If there is wind, you have to capitalize on it. Indeed, the pool orientation must be defined depending on the wind. For a good circuit of water, it is better that the skimmers are placed upwind. The wind comes and the water in the right direction to be filtered. The repressions will be "downwind", facing the skimmers.

There are prevailing winds in your area. Consult experts, and discuss this with your piscinist to find the right location. This has the air of nothing but bad location relative to the prevailing winds can have unfortunate consequences. H2 Trees and vegetation "unshare" You have your garden trees and you are proud of. Big, strong, majestic, they soothe you, and you find a place of shade and tranquility. Yes, but not next to your pool!

In a few months or years, the roots that extend into the ground can do damage. On the other hand, needles, flowers, resin or other small "pollution" can force you to clean very often your pond. They can even block the pump or filter... The plants are better at reasonable distance from the pool. Separate your dark corner and rest your sun bathing area.

They have advantages or constraints, choose the location of your pool over the natural elements like sun and wind. Your garden is all green, all flowery? More reason to think the implementation of your pool.