The salt chlorinator AquaBlue facilitates and optimizes the treatment of pool water.

The unit converts the salt present in low concentrations in the pool, chlorine, which disinfects the water and removes algae and bacteria.

It is suitable for pools up to 120 m3.

Electrolyzer salt Aquablue Procopi

Electrolyzer salt Aquablue Procopi


Electrodes self-cleaning, by reverse polarity,

Transparent body cell, allowing a visual check of the electrodes,

"Turbo" function with 6 programs tailored to your needs: 12 (default), 24, 36, 48, 60 or 72,

Display LCD display data,

Order by sensitive keys,

Viewing the salt level in the pool available,

Viewing the chlorine production level

chlorine production slaved to the temperature of the water 50% at 15 ° C and 25% at 10 ° c,

AquaBlue enslavement of the operation of the cover

Possibility to install the cell horizontally or vertically,

Works with a salt concentration of 3 to 3.5 g / l,

Setting 0 to 100% of the production of chlorine,

Setting security in the case of an over-concentration of salt (> 10 gr / l)

anti-corrosive materials.