When talking about cleaning a pool is often cited mops, vacuum cleaners or robots. But we often forget to talk about one without which cleaning our pool would be impossible: the floating hose for pool!

Pipe floating pool, brooms and vacuum equipment

Pipe floating pool

Using a floating hose for pool

The floating pipe pool is associated equipment cleaning and maintenance of our basin. Indeed, the primary function of a floating tube (also known as floating pool tube) is coming equip a cleaning apparatus by which we clean the bottom, sides, angles, or the line pool of water. The pool of floating hose can either equip a simple manual pool broom, an automatic vacuum cleaner brush, or a pool cleaner.

On the one hand, the floating hose pool is connected to a cleaning apparatus, and on the other, it plugs into an installation kit (a broom or skimmer plug) to be connected to the filtration system swimming pool. Thanks to him, the dirt will directly basin to filter our pool!

Characteristics of a floating hose for pool

The floating pipe pool is always a corrugated tube, usually made of polyethylene or polyolefin resin. Light, flexible but durable, it must both be able to withstand the pressure of the suction, the water treatment products in the pool and be handled with ease.

Depending on the parts of our pool, its size but also for our tastes, we can choose in the pool equipment stores:

  • The color of our floating hose. Traditionally, it is blue, but you can find white models, green or even black!
  • The diameter of our floating hose. Which obviously depends on the diameter of the part on which one will come and connect. Most of the time, you can choose between 32 or 38 mm.
  • The size of our floating hose. Which will also choose according to the size of our pool. 4 pipes can be found 20 meters in length.

Note: if our pool vacuum brush plugs into a skimmer, we care to select a pipe whose length is equal to the diagonal of our pool.

pool floating hose: what price?

Obviously, the parameter that will mainly affect the price of a floating hose pool is its length. On average, it takes $ 20 for a standard hose 8 meters. And the length increases, prices rise, averaging $ 35 for a pipe 12 meters, and $ 55 for a pipe 20 meters.

And if we were wrong in length and we bought too small a pipe? Do not panic! With floating hoses for divisible pool, you can buy pieces of pipe (usually of 1m50) which will be grafted to our existing hose to the fitting (about $ 3.5 per segment).

For the maintenance of your pool, remember to use a pool brush.