Faced with the growing demand, most thalassotherapy centers offer specific cures "slimming" or "silhouette". What are the characteristics of these stays, and what weight goals can we hope to achieve?

A spa treatment for weight loss effective in the long term

Find the taste of sport and a healthy diet thanks to the spa treatment.

Real programs supervised by professionals, such stops beachfront possible to initiate weight loss and encourage new habits.

The cure and care

The spa is the use of the marine environment for therapeutic virtues. In this sense, seaweed wraps are often recommended to help eliminate toxins and cleanse the body. In addition, the spa care based on sea water, like a whirlpool, can stimulate blood flow. The jets have meanwhile a firming action, particularly effective against the appearance of orange peel.

The spa treatment is also accompanied by a dietary program based on local products such as fish or vegetables. But one of the key success factors of the cure lies in the break with everyday stress, and the discovery of new activities.

Find the love of sport

All followers of regimes and health professionals will tell you that weight loss point effortlessly! thalassotherapy centers therefore provide for aquatic sports sessions such as water aerobics or Aquabike more recently, which is a great success. This is an opportunity for many reacquainted her body gently, at a reasonable pace.

At what price?

The thalassotherapy is not repaid in the United States. Therefore, the stays are usually short (one to twelve days weekend) and rates vary according to accommodation (large hotel or vacation home) and the number of daily care. Count on average 700 euros for a week full board.

Results over the long term

You guessed it, no dramatic weight loss can be expected from a short stay in thalasso. However, the cure is the opportunity to adopt new eating and exercise habits in a serene state of mind and an environment conducive to good resolutions.

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