Swimming is one of the most comprehensive sports: unlike other sports that work several muscles in particular, swimming is working the whole body: legs, thighs, glutes, abs, back, arms, shoulders. ..

Program and swimming exercises to build muscles

Program and swimming exercises to build muscles

Regular practice of swimming can reduce the levels of fat and gain muscle base, without having a body so sculpted by practicing bodybuilding.

If swimming makes all the muscles, there are swimming exercises which will seek some particular muscles.

The program we propose is given to you as an example, the frequency and duration of exercises depend on your level and your goals.

swimming exercise to build muscle abs:

The best way to Get Ripped Abs in the pool is to make ripples exercises (like the butterfly stroke). The corrugations can be made on the back, on the belly, and even on the side (with an elongated arm and the other folded along the body).

swimming exercise to build muscles thighs and buttocks:

Breaststroke is especially effective for muscles buttocks and thighs. The use of fins will also benefit the muscles there.

Swimming exercises to beef up arms:

Typically, each of the medley muscle arms. To accentuate the effects on the arms and shoulders, you can use paddles or fins for hands. These small parts make the job more difficult arm, so more efficient.

A second exercise is to swim with a pull buoy, legs together.

swimming exercise to build muscles legs:

To beef up the legs, nothing like that to make kicks: get yourself a board that will stand before you with both hands. Your arms and placed, you will have to do with advancing the strength of your legs. This exercise can also be done with palms feet.

See also: the water gymnastics, aqua jogging, the lifeguard.